Order Your Own Farmbox!

PLEASE NOTE before ordering:


1. If you are in Toronto, you qualify!

(Coming to more cities soon.)

2. Due to demand and safety, ALL Farmboxes by default will be open-bottom (better drainage & soil health), intended to sit on softscape (grass, dirt, mud), and built for publicly-viewable spots (ie. frontyards, laneways, medians).

3. Limit 2 Farmboxes per install (but will permit exceptions).

4. Boxes are 2 layers high (~30 cm or 1 foot) unless otherwise requested.

5. The standard size box is roughly 18x12 inches but sizes do vary.

6. All Farmboxes are FREE. If you would like you may GIVE A GIFT to the project but it is not required.


Now fill out the form to get on the list for the next batch of boxes!

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