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Order Your Own Farmbox!

Which type of Farmbox(es) do you want?

Thanks for your order!

Please NoteThe Classic Farmbox is roughly 28 cm (11") high, 43 cm (17") wide, and 28 cm (11") deep. For custom boxes you may select greater width (no height or depth changes). They're open-bottom (for drainage & soil health), designed to sit on softscape (grass, dirt), and intended for publicly-viewable spots (ie. front yards, condo/apt yards, laneways, medians). All Classic Farmboxes are FREE. Limit one free Farmbox per address, though you may order unlimited secondary boxes for a fee.

Backyard Farmboxes are bottomless and the same size as the Classic free Farmbox. Balcony Farmboxes have bottoms and handles. All custom boxes are on offer for the costs listed in the form. Payments via e-transfer. Farmboxes do not have warranties and are handmade from upcycled materials with differing states of wear.

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