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Order Your Own Farmbox!

PLEASE READ before ordering:

1. If you are in Toronto, you qualify!

2. Boxes are ~28 cm or 11 inches high.

3. Depth varies from 8-12 inches (20-30 cm), width from 14-18 inches (35-50 cm). Most are 11x17 inches.

4. ALL Farmboxes are open-bottom (for drainage, temperature and soil health), designed to sit on softscape (grass, dirt, weeds), and in publicly-viewable spots (ie. frontyards, condo/apt yards, laneways, medians).


5. All standard Farmboxes are FREE. If you would like you may GIVE A GIFT to the project but it is not required.

6. Backyard, balcony & custom boxes are on offer for the costs listed in the form. Payments are made via e-transfer or cash. Farmboxes do not have warranties and are handmade from upcycled materials in the exact same way as free Farmboxes.


Now fill out the form to get yours!

Farmbox Order Form
Where would you like your Farmbox(es) installed?

Thanks for submitting!

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