Order Your Own Farmbox!

If you are in Toronto, you qualify! (Hope to bring Farmboxes to cities across the planet in time.) Fill out the form to get on the list for the next batch of boxes. Don't worry if you don't have all the info—we will follow up to get you growing.

Some aspects to consider:

• How many boxes would you like?

• What size(s)? Special requests for height or design? (We may be limited in some regards.)

• Does your box need a bottom? We encourage boxes on front yards or public spaces, where there is underused grass, earth, weeds or other softscapes. We build boxes with open bottoms to help for drainage and so worms can help fertilize your soil. We will build you boxes with bottoms to sit on hard surfaces but there will be either a longer wait or potentially a gift requested (more materials and labour).

Please note: If your Farmbox is planted in a publicly viewable space it is free. If you desire a Farmbox for personal space (ie. backyard), we request a gift.

Order A Farmbox!
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