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YAOAA | You Are One Argument Away


The YAOAA Series of books are Mike Gallay's non-fiction enterprise to expound a wit-driven, empassioned philosophy on how to live life. The first volume in the series, "Stop Eating Animals" is set to debut in the Summer of 2019. The series itself tackles a major aspect of human existence, explains it fundamentals, then argues for an against the key challenges within the issue, to support Gallay's general thesis which is often described right in the book title.

In Stop Eating Animals, Gallay provides a book equally motivated to appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. For vegans, the hope is it will be seen as a form of manual, a quick reference to shoot down anyone who argues over their lifestyle choice, as it tackles dozens of arguments plant-based people face every day. At the same time, it will be a terrific gift for a vegan to give to somewhat not yet vegan, on their way to it, or not at all, as it is a guide without exclusivity. It is steeped in logic and compassion (and some humour). It will echo the arguments in the minds of omnivores who are steadfast, while knocking back each argument successfully, one argument at a time.

The idea of the One Argument concept, is that any one argument might be the one that makes you have your personal epiphany. It is not a moment that can be manufactured easily, if at all. It is hard to know which one will resonate to the point of making you act. The book explains this process with great depth and clarity.

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