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Give A Gift

If you would like to support the project with a monetary gift please click the link above or visit:

100% of your gift goes to the Farmbox project. You may also e-transfer to if that is your preference.

A thank you to anyone who has gifted money, soil, seeds, plants, material, or your time, and thanks to the many who have inquired how to contribute.

Please note: This is not a registered charity nor does it aspire to be. It is neither a non-profit nor incorporated. Any gift you give of money, material, or your time will not be met with a receipt. If you aren't able to give a gift, don't give it a second thought. That's not what Farmbox is about. I want to do my small part to turn cities into sustainable farms. The best gift you can give is to proudly display a Farmbox and grow food where you live, for yourself and your neighbours.

Thanks for visiting and getting involved.

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