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About Mike Gallay

Mike Gallay is a Toronto-born author, filmmaker, artist, and activist. Proudly plant-based, Gallay's recent work frequently centres around compassion for all creatures.

He publishes his first novel in the Spring of 2020, on the topic of animal welfare.

Gallay has a history in music, film and tv, in Toronto and Los Angeles, directing, writing and producing for EMI, MTV, Warner Music, MLSE, the NFB, and many others.

In 2018, Gallay​ ran for Mayor of Toronto, primarily to raise awareness for animal welfare. Efforts such as this site will make a LOT more noise in Toronto by 2022.

About Gallay.com

GALLAY.com is the official home for Mike Gallay online, primarily serving as the hub for his forthcoming book series, You Are One Argument Away.

Mike's plant-based activism makes its home here, promoting animal welfare through political change in Toronto (#TO22, MikeMoreYears).

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